Real support for the aviation industry

Just a month ago we at CATEC and Aerópolis received a visit from their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, embarking on the inauguration of the first business incubator and technology transfer in the aeronautics sector, an initiative supported by FADA-CATEC which will contribute in an important way to the development of new entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives in the aviation industry of Seville and Andalusia. It is a project that will enhance technology transfer to the sector, strengthen the competitiveness of our industry, and ultimately, help consolidate the good position that the Andalusian aeronautical industry has today, nationally and internationally, which is a good news for everyone.

King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia also had the opportunity to visit the CATEC facilities and get to know in detail the powerful R&D that our Center develops with the aim of bringing new technology solutions to the aerospace sector. Their Majesties were impressed with the technologies and new developments we made in our center, especially in the case of unmanned systems and aerial robots, which could be observed in several demonstration exercises and were evaluated positively for the new applications and uses that they are assuming in various sectors and general civil matters. To top it off, the King and Queen held a meeting with the businessmen and executives of the Andalusian industry, with whom they could speak and share their interest in the world of aviation and aircraft, especially in the case of King Felipe VI.

The visit coincided with the anniversary of the tragic accident of the A400M aircraft that cost the lives of four people in 2015, and the beginning of the third edition of the ADM Seville international conference, the largest business meeting in the aerospace and defense sector in Spain, which was held from May 10th to 13th in Seville. Thus, the visit has been a strong show of support by the King and Queen for the aviation industry, a strategic industrial sector within the Spanish economy with a high technological component and which has become one of the key exponents of internationalization and access to foreign markets for Spanish companies.

Therefore, from CATEC the Andalusian aerospace sector in general, we want to thank Their Majesties for their visit and the support offered by all those who work and develop our business in this industry, so that our businesses feel supported and have the confidence and commitment needed to continue growing and innovating in the competitive global aerospace market.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
CATEC Director Manager


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