With steady pace to Le Bourget

We are practically in the half-way point of the year fulfilling with a firm step the strategic line that marks the course of our team, that is none other than to continue driving the R&D in the aerospace sector, for its real application in the industry, and to help our business to increase its technological competitiveness that is so important in a global market, like aviation is. In these months we have started new projects of national and international state-of-the-art, we have worked with companies to move forward in the improvement of its technological innovation, we have participated in conferences and meetings with companies and organizations in the sector and we have even supported administrations to help diagnose and define strategic plans for the development of the aerospace industry and the economy for the next few years.

With this good work, and backed by our trajectory in the last decade, FADA-CATEC is attended Paris Air Show Le Bourget, the largest aerospace world meeting in which big companies, contractors and agents involved in the development of new technologies in this field meet together in just a few days. And we have participated in the Andalusian official delegation that travelled to the neighbouring country in order to bring value to the evolution and growth of our industry, but also to project the great potential for the future.

As we have been doing in recent years, we went to Le Bourget with the aim of presenting our latest technologies, services and advances in R&D for the sector, to strengthen our ties with the companies and assisting organizations (partners or potentials), as well as to detect and analyze opportunities for technological collaboration that they can capture in new projects for our team, but also involving the participation of Andalusian and Spanish companies.

The work and cooperation between research institutes and companies continues to be fundamental in order to contribute greater added value to our products and services, and that is why we must not neglect to take advantage of this type of events in order to reinforce our position as a point of reference in the international aerospace outlook, and, above all, continue to be the driving force.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Manager of CATEC


Encouraging entrepreneurship and the development of new initiatives in the aerospace industry

CATEC participated last May 18th in a conference in the Andalusian Center for entrepreneurship, where they unveiled the new European project STEPHANIE, in the framework of the official announcement of Interreg Europe

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CATEC continues forward with its commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and activities aimed at entrepreneurs interested in the aerospace industry. On May 18, CATEC participated in an entrepreneurs' day at the Andalusian Center for entrepreneurship (Seville), where the European project STEPHANIE (Space TEchnology with PHotonics for market and societal challenges) was presented, an initiative that is framed in the Interreg Europe notice and involving our team.

This official European announcement promotes the exchange of experiences and knowledge of regional governments and stakeholders with the aim of improving regional development policies in strategic sectors such as the aerospace industry.

In the case of the STEPHANIE project, it brings together 8 members from 7 countries to share knowledge in order to ensure that European aerospace policy promotes R&D in the field of earth and space observation, and to develop products that have strong market potential and are able of addressing socio-environmental problems in Europe.

The project has five years of implementation (2017-2019), in which it aims to foster collaboration between different regions located in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, in order to address the lack of cooperation between government agencies, companies, research teams and citizens, and the lack of accessible funding for innovation actors.

June 14th 2017
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