Growing abroad

There is no doubt that CATEC has become one of the most advanced technological centres in Spain and a reference in R&D in Europe, especially in areas such as drones and unmanned systems, robotics and industry 4.0, additive manufacturing (3D printing) or non-destructive inspection, which are already marking the present and future of the aerospace industry and other important productive sectors. And not because we say it, but the results that we have achieved throughout our 11 years of history and professional trajectory talk by themselves.

We announced some days ago a new milestone in the history of FADA-CATEC, and especially in our internationalization and growth process towards foreign markets. This is no other than the first project in the field of technological developments in 3D printing outside the European continent, thanks to the collaboration with the company INVAP Argentina, which means our leap crossing the ocean to Latin America, precisely in an area of great value such as components and parts manufacturing for satellites and launchers for the space sector.

In a year in which precisely the city of Seville is assuming and leading the presidency of the Community of Ariane Cities (CVA), and Andalusia is boosting its growth in the aeronautical sector reached in the last decade, we are convinced that this new CATEC project will contribute to show the high technological and industrial capacity that our industry has and to continue encouraging our companies to keep on on this good path, betting on R&D and high added value activities.

The latest figures for the year 2017 are again clear and consolidate Andalusia as a region that has not stopped growing in turnover, employment and exports in the aerospace sector, and that already faces the future with new challenges and illusions. The new strategic plan of the sector must be a key element in all this, and the base for the Andalusian aerospace sector to continue growing abroad, with the support of all the agents involved and with the R&D and the promotion of innovation as main allies. Only this way will strengthen our position as a of the fastest growing industries in the European and international level, and with better prospects for the coming years.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Director of CATEC


A decisive commitment

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Technological collaboration in such a competitive sector like Aerospace is essential to boost new advances and developments which contribute to putting our enterprises at the cutting edge of the international industry. In CATEC we were always concerned about it and that our project as a technological centre had to be based on the cooperation among the aerospace enterprises, offering our services and facilities to develop new technologies and initiatives and doing our bit, in terms of knowledge and experience, in order to reach aims and goals which have been proposed by all.

From CATEC we have recently started two initiatives which will enforce even more this decided commitment to technological collaboration with the industry as an indispensable step aimed at increasing competitiveness and providing more added values to our aerospace products and services. One of them is the agreement of collaboration through which CATEC becomes Álava Ingenieros’ technological partner which is one of the referral Spanish enterprises related to high tech supply in the areas of testing, measurement, communications, security and defence. CATEC will provide consultancy on the services this company provides at international level which will, we are convinced about it, generate opportunities and projects with the Andalusian aerospace enterprises and entities.

Likewise, CATEC is also participating in the “Creation and Development of High Added Value Companies Programme”, an Agency IDEA’s initiative aimed at giving a response to the Andalusian enterprises’ needs in terms of knowledge and innovation, as well as to young entrepreneurs’ initiative. CATEC will give advice about all those projects willing to get off the ground and grow in Aeronautics.

Both initiatives fulfil this objective of encouraging technological collaboration and R&D&I development within the sector thus this commitment is also visible thanks to the intense researching activity our centres has. An example of how much we are growing in this area is the project PERIGEO aimed at using unmanned aerial systems about what we are giving you further information in this bulletin. We are also present in national and international aerospace forums and events, like UNVEX, in the field of UAS, intended to promote business and technological cooperation in the aerospace industry.

In CATEC we believe so and we are certain that collaboration and synergies among the enterprises of the sector is the best step to be taken to keep growing in technological development and competitiveness, increasing our business opportunities in the market and putting us in the aerospace leading position.

Juan Pedro Vela
Director General

April 3rd 2012
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