Good forecasts

For the year ended 2018 we are proud of having developed a good job and having achieved new milestones for the Andalusian aerospace and technology sector, but more importantly, it starts a new one, 2019, with the feeling that we have a very promising future ahead. Not only for our center, but for all those who participate in the aeronautical industry and the innovation environment and technological development linked to this sector, which boosts the economy in our community.

In our specific case, new horizons are opened with the participation in new European projects such as SAFEDRONE, DOMUS, RIB-AM or RIMA, all of them linked with the development and application of new technologies of unmanned systems (drones) for their integration in airspace or implementation of new advanced manufacturing systems (such as 3D printing) for the aerospace industry. Also with the organization of important events like the hosting of the II International Tournament on Emergency Service Robots of the European Robots League (ERL), which will take place in our facilities in Seville next February.

We must highlight another unprecedented milestone in Andalusia, such as the Presidency of Seville of the Community of Ariane cities for 2019, an event in which FADA-CATEC collaborates and which will mean that the city of Seville becomes the ideal showcase to demonstrate the potential of our sector and the focus of attracting investment and business opportunities to boost our companies and technology activities in the field of space, through the environment offered by the so-called New Space. This event will have a program full of activities that will also serve for the scientific dissemination of what the Space sector represents and the applications that the whole society enjoys today thanks to the development in this field.

We have, therefore, an exciting year ahead, full of good forecasts and new challenges and illusions for both the Andalusian and Spanish aerospace sector. Let us take advantage of this to continue working among all of us - industry, administrations, technological agents and social agents - to keep on growing and positioning it as one of the most relevant in the European and international environment.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Director of CATEC


A new milestone for aerospace in Spain

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The aerospace sector in Spain continues to advance and taking positions to become an international reference for the future development of worldwide aviation. We send this new digital edition of CATEC’s newsletter after achieving another important milestone in the national aviation, specifically in the field of unmanned aviation, one of the areas destined to mark the way in this sector in the coming decades and also one of the main lines of research and development of our Center.

I mean the first flight out of the line of sight of a pilot or control center by an unmanned aircraft weighing more than 25 kg., which took place at the ATLAS Center facilities in Villacarrillo (Jaen). This flight has been a new step to closer integration of unmanned aircraft systems in the national airspace and to make use of these technologies in new commercial applications and civil type which have been developed in recent years, some of them through our own foundation.

But it also represents a major boost for the activity of the ATLAS Center, that started its activity in 2014 and has been welcoming in recent months an increasing number of tests and flights by different companies and R&D projects in aerospace. ATLAS is the only center in Spain and Europe for testing and flight operations that has been designed for experimentation and validation of light UAS/RPAS, and its technological infrastructure of excellence are already a reference for national and international aviation community.

With these flights and others we will keep on making in the coming months, we are convinced that Andalusia and Spain not only will leap in the field of unmanned aviation, but also in the development and consolidation of a new business and research network associated with these activities, and it is rich in innovation, technology and capacity of internationalization.

Our goal is to continue along this path, by providing facilities and technological tools to the companies and organizations of the sector in order to bringing more R&D, specialization and competitiveness to our industry, both in the area of UAS and others which we consider to be of great strategic interest. And for that we shall continue devoting our commitment, work and effort.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
FADA Director Manager

March 23rd 2015
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