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A pioneer center in tests with UAV's

June 10th 2013

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FADA-CATEC has been running for several weeks the construction of the new ATLAS Experimental Flight Center, a center that will host the first installations of our country completely dedicated to research and development of new technologies and unmanned aircraft systems (UAV's) of light type. This initiative will involve, undoubtedly a great boost for the Andalusian and Spanish aerospace industry in the field of UAV's, one of the areas that present the greatest future prospects in the international market thanks to the new applications that have been incorporated into the field of civil and commercial aviation.

In fact, we are convinced that our industry will place itself on the international forefront in the development of new applications with this type of aircraft, and it will boost the industrial activity that has been recorded in our country through various companies and manufacturers that develop UAV's products. Not in vain, we are in front of the first scientific-technological infrastructures in Europe specifically designed to perform, permanently and safely, testing, simulation and validation of technologies applicable to UAV's and to the new techniques for traffic management (ATM).

This condition, together with other important factors such as its excellent facilities, a segregated airspace and weather conditions suitable for R & D with systems and unmanned aircraft, makes it a pioneer center in trials and tests with this type of aircraft. All this will encourage the collaboration with the main international companies of this sector and position ourselves as a global referring agent.

But Atlas is also a special project emblematic of FADA-CATEC. It is one of the pillars on which the foundation of CATEC has been articulated, and in which the whole team that form this technological center is doing a great effort to make it a reality. There have been several years of hard work and today we are much closer to an end that we will enjoy at the end of this same year 2013, when the works will be completed and the new facilities will be put in place. Achieved that challenge, we have the other, to continue working to make its activity and functioning result in new progress and achievements in unmanned aircraft technology and in R&D aerospace for all Spanish and Andalusian industry.

Juan Pedro Vela
General Director

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