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A400M: an opportunity to keep growing

September 30th 2013

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The Andalusian and Spanish industry lived in Seville a historic day with the official delivery of the first aircraft A400M to the French Air Force. An aircraft that is manufactured and assembled in Andalusia and in which program most of the community aeronautical cluster companies are involved. This is a major milestone for the Andalusian aeronautical for all that it means and will mean, as it represents the acceleration of the mass production of new Airbus military aircrafts, and more importantly, the beginning of a strong industrial process that will move into a sales and employment growth for our businesses in the next years.

But the delivery of the most technologically advanced military aircraft in the world involves many things, including an increase in technological ability of the andalusian auxiliary industry, that in the last years prepared itself to lead its own business towards higher value-added activities and to increase its investment in R&D in the sector. Thus, by the wormth of Airbus and of the A400M program, the Andalusian sector has managed to grow in competitiveness, productivity, specialization, internationalization, diversification and technological development, that allows us to strengthen our position and regain prominence that Andalusia used to have in the European aerospace scenario.

We must, therefore, recognize the progress and the business and technological effort made by the Andalusian auxiliary industry, which we have supported and contributed from CATEC, but we must also demand more to ourselves, and we should take advantage of the favorable wind coming from the A400M to keep growing. This program, along with others like the A350 and the A380, are essential to set the basis of our future development. We must not be comformists, but the opposite. We must look forward with ambition and take advantage of this great opportunity to keep growing and to consolidate Andalusia as one of the most relevant aeronautical poles and with the greatest impact in Europe.

Juan Pedro Vela
General Director

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