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April 29th 2016

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Andalusia has experienced unprecedented growth in the aerospace sector during the last decade, in which our companies have not only managed to position itself strategically grow through the major programs of civil and military aviation, and overcome difficult years for economic funding, but also increasingly bet by the R&D and increase their contributions in the development of new technologies and innovative services in the areas of greatest value in the industry. All with the aim of increasing competitiveness and productivity, and consequently increase its international role and thus eligible for the business opportunities that the major players in the aerospace world have been offering in recent years.

In just a few days, Andalusia will have the opportunity to reflect on all the good it has done in the aviation field with the reception of a new edition of ADM Seville, an event that has already become a reference in the circuit of major air shows in Europe. This event should serve to endorse precisely that condition which we have wrought, with much effort and work, as one of the highlights of the continent aeronautical poles.

Beyond business and meetings that will be held at this event, from FADA-CATEC we are also convinced that it is one of the best possible scenarios to further promote innovation in the sector. In ADM Seville the main tractor companies and contractors in the aerospace industry will attend, which will establish agreements or business contacts with suppliers or companies, but they also will seek to strengthen and improve their competitiveness with technology partners to provide greater value to their business and their products.

Therefore, seize the opportunity offered by this meeting to present and promote to the companies visiting us these days technological development we have achieved, with solutions and specific applications in many sub-sectors and areas of the sector, as some that we are promoting in CATEC. From advanced manufacturing technologies for the new “Factory of the Future” as additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics and flexible automated inspection systems or improving communication in assembly processes in real time; the design of electronic systems and the implementation of flight simulation environments or development of platforms and unmanned aircraft for use in operations other industrial sectors.

Because it is more than demonstrated that those companies that have in their DNA innovation and technological excellence are not only more productive and efficient, and are more likely to ensure their survival in the global market, but also have at their disposal more opportunities business and, ultimately, to continue to grow in a competitive sector like aviation.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
CATEC Director Manager

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