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APASCOMP: Automatic Sealant Application in composite machining edges

November 10th 2015

CATEC works with the company AEROTECNIC in this new R&D initiative, with the support of the CDTI and expected to be completed in two years

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APASCOMP is one of the latest R&D projects in which our center has begun to participate, with the collaboration of the Andalusian aerospace company AEROTECNIC to develop a robotic system allowing automatic application of sealant in machining edges of pieces of composite of different thicknesses. The launch meeting of this project took place last October 16.

APASCOMP is funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), through the open call for individual projects of R&D and is expected to last two years, at the end of which there will be a demonstrator of the proposed technologies.

CATEC collaborates in this project by providing its wide experience and knowledge in the field of automation and robotics applied to different industrial tasks linked to the aerospace sector. This is one of its main lines of research and work with companies in this area.

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