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An irreparable loss

October 23rd 2014

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We made a new edition of our digital bulletin INFOCATEC full of news for FADA-CATEC, such as the first UAV out of sight flight that took place in Spain, in the facilities of ATLAS Centre in Jaén; the development of new initiative of R&D and the next first “Industry Day” celebration. An event whose objective is to present our technologies and last developments and strengthen relations with the aerospace and technological industry in our country.

News that however don’t ease the enormous shock FADA had this summer after the irreparable loss of our General Director Mr. Juan Pedro Vela Martinez, a key person in the development of the aerospace sector and the promotion of innovation in Andalucía in the last ten years.

News, however, do not serve to ignore the event that marked this summer for the Foundation: the unexpected loss of our director manager and friend, Juan Pedro Vela Martinez.

He should have written these lines, always plenty of enthusiasm, illusion and energy that filled all his projects infecting everyone who worked with him and around him.

Juan Pedro, without any doubt, has been the fundamental protagonist in research and development of the Spanish aerospace industry in the last two decades, and since he arrived in 2008 to FADA, he became a father and a mentor for everyone in the center.

Emulate his job, his effort and commitment with research and development, so it’s to say, continuing his work is the best tribute everyone who had the pleasure of working with him or had him as a companion and friend, can render him.

Rest in peace, friend.

Alfonso J. Picardo
Technical Director

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