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Andalusia, epicenter of UAS technology development

August 19th 2021

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Andalusia, epicenter of UAS technology development
Talking about unmanned aerial systems is no longer a question of the future, but of the present. UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are increasingly integrated into our society, supporting and improving the development of activities in different areas: industrial, defense, security, energy, surveillance, among other applications. That is why more and more companies and programs in Spain manage their knowledge and focus the development of technology on a market, such as UAS, which continues to grow exponentially.
Technology, precisely, is the key so that unmanned aerial systems keep increasing their performance, being more versatile and autonomous. For that reason at CATEC, based on our extensive experience in the development of customized solutions and advanced prototypes, we continue to innovate in the development of UAS technology, providing solutions to real problems, or improving procedures and operations making them more efficient.
More than a decade participating in research projects has allowed us to work in a lot of applications implemented in sectors as diverse as precision agriculture, inspection of industrial infrastructures, security, environmental monitoring, and topography and cartography, among others. We collaborate jointly with the industry in the generation of technology, which has made us position ourselves as one of the main UAS technology centers in Europe.
We have recently presented the creation of a technological alliance together with the Spanish company AERTEC, called NT-SHARE, which aims to develop new disruptive technologies related to UAS that form the technological base so that in the future applications and services of high added value for the UAS industry, with great potential in Andalusia. This initiative aims to boost important driving effect in the region, with the aim of researching and developing technologies that can provide new capabilities to the UAS developed by the Andalusian industry, improving their competitiveness in the global market and giving them a differential character. So that Andalusia continues to be the epicenter of the development of UAS technologies.

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