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Andalusia, with the challenge of Space

November 26th 2013

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Andalusia and Spain have become in recent years a clear benchmark in the international aerospace industry, thanks to its great aeronautic tradition and, especially, to the development that our industry has experienced with its participation in large programs of commercial and military aircrafts of Airbus and EADS. This growth has not only been in production and expertise ability in areas such as aero-structures and composite materials, but also in innovation and technological development, enhancing its activity towards higher value-added areas.

We have made remarkable steps forward but we must take a leap and exploit the technological and business opportunities in other markets in which we have not deepened so far. One of them is the space, one of the strategic sectors of the European economy noteworthy for its high technological component and the significant economic return that the investments in this area generate, since it is estimated that for every euro invested in space there are direct technological activities multiplied sixfold.

Andalusia already has a tradition of research in this field, as evidenced by the activities undertaken by about 45 research groups, mainly government agencies and universities, and an emerging industry that already develops space technologies associated with earth observation and satellite navigation. The challenge is to continue investing and diversifying our business into this area. The strong foundation that the aeronautical industry represents can contribute greatly to the development of space activities and to the sector’s growth into new areas of high technological and innovative component.

The new Aerospace Action Plan for the sector in Andalusia in the period 2014-2017 for the first time includes specific actions that support the development of the space industry, something we are already doing in CATEC and that we want to continue enhancing from our Centre through new projects and initiatives that contribute to the promotion of this activity among the Andalusian aeronautical companies. We are convinced that this is the best way to position ourselves strategically in the sector and to make our industry to continue growing in the future.

Juan Pedro Vela
General manager

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