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March 12th 2013

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In CATEC, we continue working to make the aerospace sector one of the leading industries for the future of the national and European economy, by placing us at the forefront of innovation and technological development in those areas that present a greater influence and business opportunities in the international aeronautical market for the coming years. This is the case of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and systems, one of our main areas of research. This is an area in which we intend to take a new leap with the development of a pioneer research project based on a sunlight UAV.

It is an innovative initiative, product of a collaboration agreement between CATEC and other three Andalusian technology centres (CITIC, CTAER and IAT) with which we intend to improve the experiences already existing with this type of aircraft, but by applying the latest technology in various fields and, what is more important, by combining the skills and knowledge that they possess in their respective areas.

Moreover, this project opens a joint cooperation framework that will allow the four technology centres to make good use of the synergies that may result from their different lines of research for the benefit of common projects and/or initiatives. Particularly in sectors of high impact at an international level (such as the aerospace or the energy ones) where Europe is facing hard technological and environmental challenges for the next decade. Spain and Andalusia have already shown to be located in top positions.

Therefore, we are in the face of an initiative that will strengthen not only the role of CATEC as a promoter of R&D in the areas of greatest future in the aerospace industry, but also that will encourage the collaboration with other agencies and research centres in order to contribute to the application of new technological developments and to the improvement of the competitiveness of our business. This is a task also fostered by CATEC in recent weeks through the participation in the Foro Transfiere (European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation) where we have strengthened partnership with leading institutions and companies of the national technology sector, and/or also the attendance and support to the UAVs and Flight Control Systems Symposium held in Seville. These initiatives are collected in this new bulletin and they serve to show that we are on the right track.

Juan Pedro Vela
Chief Executive Officer

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