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CATEC boosts its presence in the space sector participating in the conference "Space: an Asset of Mankind"

November 19th 2013

Our Center was one of the collaborating institutions in this international forum held in Seville and was visited by a group of professionals interested in learning its technological abilities and the possibilities of collaboration

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CATEC boosts its presence in the space sector participating in the conference "Space: an Asset of Mankind"
CATEC continues making progresses in its strategic goal of growing into new research activities and technological development related to the aerospace industry and it has made an important step forward to strengthen its presence in the space sector, one of the areas with the higher technological value in the world and in which it is already present through several R&D projects. To that end, our Center has participated in the conference "Space, an Asset of Mankind," a forum held on 24 and 25 October in Aerópolis, in Seville, which brought together nearly 200 managers, professionals and scientists of 80 Andalusian, Spanish and European companies and institutions.

CATEC was one of the collaborating entities of the event, which was organized by the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Government of Andalusia, through Extenda and the Agency IDEA, in collaboration with EADS. The aim of the conference was to promote the internationalization of the Andalusian aeronautical companies, diversifying their activity toward a related business field, and promote their visibility and the one of the entire Spanish space cluster in Europe and worldwide.

The event brought together the leading companies of the space sector in Europe and America as well as the managers of the space agencies of France, UK, Germany and Italy, and a selection of the most prominent Spanish companies, agencies and universities involved in this sector, including CATEC. Our Centre participated in the roundtable "Industry and Space" through our president, Antonio Valverde Ramos, who explained that CATEC has among its strategic lines the development of techniques, components, subsystems and space applications and it is encouraging its participation in this area through various R&D projects.

The conference included various panel discussions and a networking space in which CATEC established business contacts with various companies and research entities in this field. Also, a group of managers, professionals and scientists involved in the conference visited our facilities and knew the technological abilities of our center and the main initiatives and projects currently being developed related to the Space sector. They also showed their interest in exploiting the possibilities of collaboration with CATEC in this area.
CATEC boosts its presence in the space sector participating in the conference "Space: an Asset of Mankind"

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