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CATEC organizes an aerial robotics competition on advanced perception for drones

January 3rd 2022

The winning solution of each challenge will be awarded €1,000, and the authors will be offered the possibility of joining the CATEC work team.

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Are you passionate about aerial robotics, Computer Vision or Deep Learning? If you do you can participate in a new challenge launched from CATEC on advanced perception for drones, a robotics competition whose objective is the execution of artificial vision tasks in semi-realistic environments with an aerial robot, through which tasks can be solved autonomously without GPS, such as indoors or similar. In addition to this, being able to detect defects with the on-board cameras.

The challenge includes two exercises. In the first one, an indoor location must be carried out, using the information provided by the aircraft on-board sensors. In the second exercise, an Artificial Intelligence model must be used to detect defects in an image dataset.

The winning solutions will receive a €1,000, and the authors will be offered the opportunity to join our work team, both at our headquarters in Seville and in Santiago de Compostela.

To participate in the challenge you must meet the following requirements:
- Not having previous or current relationship with CATEC.
- Have no more than two years of experience after completing the Bachelor's or Master's degree.
- If you are studying the Bachelor's or Master's degree, you have passed all subjects and are currently doing the Masters' Final Project.

​The deadline for submitting proposals is extended until January 23, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Click here for more information about how to participate:

Click here for more information about the challenges:

For any questions, you can contact the CATEC's Perception and Artificial Intelligence Unit:

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