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CATEC participates in the CLEAR project, destined to facilitate long terms missions and cooperative flights with UAVs

October 31st 2011

To carry out this initiative the centre will develop a new ultra light unmanned system thanks to the application of new technologies like rapid manufacturing

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CATEC is currently participating in a new project related to the area of unmanned aircrafts and systems; the initiative CLEAR, which is aimed to research, develop and implant a system which enables the cooperation among UAVs to carry out missions in long flights thanks to the integration of recharge power and refuelling automatic sub-systems.

Strategies to solve this problem will pass, firstly, by using the capacities of the UAVs cooperative system to make meet the functionality systems with refuelling or recharging; and secondly to apply new technologies to obtain an efficient power recharge and air refuelling.

CATEC will be in charge of leading this strategy through the design and development of an ultra light unmanned system thanks its cutting edge technologies like rapid manufacturing with long term flights thanks to the possibility of air recharging based on laser.

This project, developed in collaboration with the University of Seville is funded by the Ministry of Innovation and Science, under the Non-guided Fundamental Research Supprogramme belonging to the National Programme for Fundamental Research Project under the VI National R&D&I Plan 2008-2011.

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