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February 7th 2012

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After an intense working year, we have started 2012 with renewed energy to face a number of challenges and projects. Doubtless, one of the most interesting ones is SAFEMOBIL, an European project devoted to develop new technologies to increase the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), where we will have an outstanding participation in. Our centre will play a leading role in researching but also will be in charge of coordinating them, working together with an international team from enterprises, Academia and top level research organisms. Therefore, we start 2012 as we closed 2011, playing a leading role in the field of UAS, where we have been able to encourage and lead the First Workshop RED UAS, which brought together a hundred of experts from the most recognized research centres and entities on this area worldwide.

No doubt, commitment to research, development and innovation is the future way. The way to improve competitiveness within the Andalusian aerospace industry and its positioning in the global market. And this is a vital way to let enterprises, Academia and public organisms meet. It is also vital to let technological supply and demand flow in both directions and from knowing each other. We are already seen so: the main European projects, enterprises, Academia and technology centres collaborate side by side to transform industry’s challenges into advanced technological responses. We must try this trend to become consolidated and be expanded at a local level. We also should try to strengthen the relationships of collaboration between our Andalusian universities and enterprises involved in our thriving aerospace industry.

At CATEC we already count on Research Vice-Chancellors from some Andalusian universities. That happened in the course of a seminar where the great opportunities of feeding back between science and enterprise became evident. This is a key binomial for all the economical sectors which are based on knowledge. It is also substantial for the new productive model required by our economy.

Juan Pedro Vela
General Manager

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