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DOMUS: the road to the integration of unmanned aerial systems operations in the U-space

April 25th 2019

CATEC participates along with 16 other companies and entities in this European project, which will hold a large demonstration with drones and manned aviation in our ATLAS Centre next summer

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CATEC is participating in the new European project called DOMUS, an initiative led by the Spanish air navigation company ENAIRE that intends to carry out in Spain and Andalusia one of the most advanced demonstrations of operation of the so-called U-space, the European drone traffic management system, which will be responsible for integrating them with the operations of manned aircraft and access to airspace.

The project, which will invest 4 million euros, two of them through European funds, has a consortium of 17 companies, which also include Alg, Isdefe, Ineco, Correos, CRIDA, Indra, GMV Aerospace & Defense , Everis Aerospace and Defense, Earth Networks, FuVeX, Pildo Labs, SOTICOL Robotics Systems, Vodafone Spain and the German Airmap. In addition, it counts on the support of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA).

DOMUS is one of the six projects selected by the European public-private alliance SESAR Joint Undertaking to develop in-flight demonstrations of short-term services of the U-space system, according to the federated model of service provision under the coordination of a central administrator, ENAIRE. These demonstrations will provide an automated management of VLL-type (Very Low Level) flights in a large number of unmanned aircraft.

The work of DOMUS will finish with a demonstration next summer to be held in our ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre located in Villacarrillo, Jaen. During this demonstration some exercises with drones and manned aviation will be

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