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Fernando Lasagni receives the international award Georg-Sach-Preis for his innovative works in the field of additive manufacturing for the aerospace sector

October 30th 2018

The award ceremony took place at an event held at the annual meeting of the German Materials Society and the Conference "Materials Science and Engineering", in which CATEC participated with several talks and presentations

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The German Society of Materials has delivered to our colleague Fernando Lasagni, director of the Materials and Processes Division of CATEC, the prestigious Georg-Sachs-Preis international award, which each year awards in order to recognize the work and scientific projection of those researchers who are closely related to the practice of materials science and engineering.

Lasagni received this recognition during an event held at the annual meeting of the German Materials Society and the Conference "Materials Science and Engineering" (MSE), which took place from 25 to 29 September in Darmstadt (Germany), and in which More than 1,500 scientists and experts from all over the world gathered in the field of Engineering and Materials Science. During the delivery, Lasagni thanked the scientific society for the awarding of the prize and its entire team of CATEC researchers, who are "the most responsible for materializing and carrying out the work in a timely manner and with the highest quality, in this case for the development of innovative products in the field of additive manufacturing ".

Lasagni and our team from the Materials and Processes Division have been recognized for their work in the application of this technology to new uses in the aeronautical and space field, such as the production of components for space launchers, satellites, scientific missions of the Agency European space and civil and military aircraft. Specifically, for space launchers Ariane 5 and Vega, and for different Airbus aircraft such as the A400M, the C295 or the A320neo and helicopters of the latest generation as the new RACER, also from the Airbus group.

On the occasion of the award ceremony, CATEC was invited to participate in the annual meeting of the German Materials Society and the conference "MSE 2018" with a paper entitled "End-to-End Process Development for Additive Manufactured Space Hardware ", Focused on the development of manufacturing processes of space hardware through additive technology. Likewise, CATEC gave three presentations on some of our most outstanding research and projects in this field within the session "Aerospace and innovative structures manufactured by Additive Manufacturing technology", which was organized precisely by Fernando Lasagni and Professor Christof Leyens, of the Technical University of Dresden and the Fraunhofer Materials Institute (IWS).

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