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December 31st 2014

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As the new Managing Director of FADA CATEC, I have the opportunity of addressing you all taking advantage of this new digital newsletter, which has become one of our main ways to let everybody know about our projects and initiatives carried out from our Foundation and Technological Centre. It has become a very useful tool for the aerospace sector.

And I make it with a strong message of commitment and hard work to continue the support to R&D that our company has been developing for our Andalusian Aerospace Industry since 2008. I’m sure not only by the Innovation and technological development we will keep on contributing to the improvement and competitiveness of our companies. And what’s more important, to keep on positioning our company in the market, in areas of added value called to lead the technological innovation in the world aerospace sector, like unmanned air systems, avionics, robotics or new materials and manufacturing processes.

One sample of that collaboration with the industry can be recently found with the first “CATEC Industry Day”. A meeting to bring closer the latest technologies and improvements developed by our Centre and reinforce the relation with aerospace and technological enterprises, and without any doubt, it has been a complete success of participation and exchange of experiences and knowledge.

There are other examples such as the working day dedicated to new applications with unmanned air systems for inspections and maintenance works in different industrial sectors. Some of them have already been developed by our investigators and experts in the frame of the European Project ARCAS. They are opening the way for new civil uses with this kind of aircrafts.

All of them reflect our commitment in satisfying the requirements and technological needs of the industry, promote cooperation and synergies for the development of new projects and promote technology transfer. To this aim I’ll focus all my efforts as the new Director of FADA. Continuing this way is the key to strength the position of the aerospace andalusian sector as the third aerospace European hub. This way we will be able to aim future business opportunities.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Managing Director of FADA

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