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Investing to keep on growing

July 4th 2014

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Data from Andalusian aerospace during 2013 presented a few weeks ago by the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster Helix highlighted again that companies and industry enterprises in the community are very healthy. That’s because, in the last year, they kept the upward trend and the rate of sustained growth they have been experiencing for over a decade in its main indicators, such as sales, employment and productivity, and have increased notably in other fields such as exports. It’s expected Data will keep on growing in the next years, thanks to the increase of the ram up of A400M and the entry into series production of the A350 and A320neo, the two new models of Airbus involving an important part of the sector in Andalusia.

2013 hasn’t been as good in other fields in this sector, we are referring to investments, an especially important sector for FADA-CATEC. That’s the case of investments in R &D, which came down in the auxiliary industry with reference to 2012. It’s been because of the end of FEDER- Innterconecta Projects. In addition, there has been a loss of almost 10% workers which worked in the R & D departments and subsidiary companies, despite the efforts made by the industry in an economic and financial context which still remains difficult.

All the different Public Administrations have been offering their support to the aerospace sector and their commitment with research, technological development and innovation, especially Andalusia. Large tractor companies are claiming a stable investment strategy and support R&D that strengthens our industry in all areas in which we are already a model, and also let us to get a foothold and grow in others that will shape the future of the aviation in the future. It is a very important factor if we want to participate in new developments and programs linked to the international aerospace industry, such as the case of aircraft and unmanned systems or intelligent manufacturing.

CATEC is convinced about this is the way we should go together, administrations, companies and technological and research centres, so that we can establish ourselves as one of the most important aeronautic poles and be prepared to access new global market business opportunities.

Juan Pedro Vela
General Manager

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