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NDT for characterizing components and aerospace materials by X-ray computed tomography

March 23rd 2015

This technique ensures the quality and control of parts produced with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, detecting failures and internal defects

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CATEC offers to companies and entities interested in the structural characterization of components and detection of possible defects in manufacture and/or service by X-ray computed tomography. This type of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) has become a reference in the study of materials and structures, allowing quality and control of parts produced with a high degree of reliability and accuracy.

Among the benefits of its application and use should be emphasized the high level of information provided of components, with a great quality resolution of the graphical data obtained, the possibility to characterize them in a microstructural level or also analyze large industrial parts, far from those developed in laboratories. It can also make a 3D quantification of the components, thus improving traditional inspection techniques that today are insufficient for quality control in this type of parts and assemblies.

The manufacturers of different sectors including aerospace, can make use of this type of technology through associated services offered by our center. For further information, please contact our Department of Materials and Processes.

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