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October 31st 2011

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At CATEC we have always been responsible for our work, as a technology centre; our objectives and our illusions had to lie in a fundamental premise: the economic feasibility. In other words, our project would only be sustainable if we were able to attract other different resources from public funds, which enabled the first big effort to start the Centre, resources coming from private markets and from EC and Spanish public grants for RDI projects which are no less competitive.

Our 2010 balance sheet points out clearly that we are on the right way, since private invoicing for RD works to third parties amounted to €2.2 millions, which represents 57% of the Centre’s total income. Furthermore, an important part of 43% of public invoicing corresponds to grants which have been reached after a competitive process where CATEC showed to have more experience and/or best projects. This income distribution is good news from the sustainable point of view. And it is mainly better news from the utility point of view which is our raison d’être.

Because CATEC was created for that reason, for aerospace companies to dispose of a technology and reliable allied for their R&D&I projects. Today CATEC is not only that referral technology allied for Andalusian firms, but also for national and international ones. Besides, it has been able to bring R&D&I aerospace projects to Andalusia which could have “escaped” elsewhere.

This new Infocatec issue is again a reliable showcase of our Centre’s activity and projects. From these lines, I thank all of you who have trusted and still do our capacities. We will keep on working to be worthy of your trust and of those new companies and institutional partners who want to count on us.

Juan Pedro Vela
General Director

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