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November 10th 2015

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The development and application of new technologies in different industrial sectors not only involves research or development of a new product or service, but also the ability of adapting or transferring a technology already in use in a particular field to another in which could be used its potential and be applied with new innovations, providing a higher added value. Dual-use technologies are an example of them, ie, those technologies that can be applied in a civil environment and are also susceptible to military use, or vice versa.

Through the “International Conference on Dual-Use Technologies”, Seville and Andalusia had the opportunity to become these days in a large forum for discussion and analysis of the use of these technologies and their future, in which have participated about 200 companies and regional, national and European institutions from more than ten countries.

Including FADA-CATEC, which has participated in a special way in the event showing all technologies developed by our companies and research institutions in order to explore synergies and business opportunities that may represent a competitive advantage in industries such as aerospace or defense.

These were days of intense work, conferences, presentations and business meetings between companies and attending institutions that we believe will give a new boost to encourage collaboration in the business network, and bring advances in important areas such as electronics, nanotechnology, new materials, and telecommunications. Also to consolidate the active work of R&D that takes place in Andalusia and Spain in sectors such as defense and aerospace, and firmly to position ourselves in innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3) demanded by EU and shape the future of economic and technological growth in the coming decades. Just working in this line we will get to be well positioned and we will make our industry stronger and more competitive for the challenges of the future.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
FADA Director Manager

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