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Our center shows opportunities of entrepreneurship and business development that offer the aerospace industry to young entrepreneurs

April 18th 2017

CATEC hosted the I Entrepreneurship and Business Development Workshop of the Aerospace Industry where over 30 entrepreneurs met the aerospace technology possibilities in order to create business and employment

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With the objective of analyze and present entrepreneurship and business opportunities linked to new technologies of the aerospace industry, our Center hosted last March the I Entrepreneurship and Business Development Workshop of the Aerospace Industry, where nearly 30 young entrepreneurs participated in order to know first-hand business development possibilities in this industry.

This initiative was part of the “Aeroemprende” study, carried out by FADA-CATEC in collaboration with the Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge and with the aim of detecting and analyzing business opportunities linked to new aerospace technologies. Young entrepreneurs of Business Development Support (CADE) from Seville, Cadiz and Andalucia Emprende Network attended the event, as well as experts from other interested companies.

Attendees met main conclusions of this study focused on major entrepreneurship opportunities for innovation technologies in the aerospace industry, like additive manufacturing; unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/RPAS), drones; and Automation technique and Robotization of processes for aerospace manufacturing.

The workshop finished with a visit to CATEC facilities where participants met some of the most outstanding research and technology projects, especially in the areas included in the study.

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