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July 31st 2015

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According to latest data presented recently in the industry report made by the Cluster Hélice, the Andalusian aerospace industry continued growing in 2014 consolidating its leadership in the aerospace sector in Spain and Europe. A year with a further increase in turnover and employment, but also in other important indicators such as the level of qualification of Andalusian professionals, the rate of growth compared to the average of the Spanish sector or entrenched position of Andalusia as the second national aerospace region.

In FADA-CATEC we feel satisfied, and we are pleased with the tiny grain of sand that we bring from our Centre each year in the field on R&D, a key aspect to increase the competitiveness of our companies and contribute to achieve those results. Here, in this new newsletter, we present a good example, where we highlight some of the latest advances and technological developments we have achieved and also various aerospace companies, which can provide new business opportunities for the sector's future.

First of all, works successfully done with Airbus Defence & Space that allowed introducing additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) in the manufacture of components for future space launchers of the European Space Agency (ESA); secondly, the collaboration with the Spanish company Aernnova in its participation in the new European program Clean Sky, in order to create a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly aircraft. No less interesting is the ARCOW initiative, a project that also works with Airbus DS for the application of robots and drones in the assembly and manufacture process of aeronautical structures in plants, that has been chosen as one of the top five European projects to participate in the robotics competition EUROC, one of the largest in Europe.

We are moving in the right direction, but we must insist on this technological work effort if we want to continue flying in the top world aviation places. We will center our commitment and efforts in this direction, working and collaborating with companies (especially the auxiliary industry) in the development of new technologies and knowledge-based solutions that enable our industry to increase its share of added value, competitiveness and, consequently, business and economic activity (sales, employment, etc.).

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
FADA Director Manager

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