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Real-time simulation of wind models for flight simulators

February 7th 2012

Thanks to this technology pilots and students will be able to experiment real wind situations including orography and obstacles at the time

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Real-time simulation of wind models for flight simulators
The CATEC’s area of Simulation and Software has developed a new research and simulation service which enables to generate real- time simulation of wind models for flight simulators. By using this technology, a simulation of wind is performanced thanks to mathematical models in real-time simulations. Actually they are very common in pilots training.

Thanks to these mathematical models, calculations can be parallelized and reduced their time of execution so they can be used in training activities, since time of calculation passes from hours to few minutes. Simulation even enables the instructor to modify wind conditions in the course of the exercise; the system can change and be adapted to the new condition in few minutes of calculation.

This technology’s prime advantage and innovation is the possibility of developing customized wind models to train pilots with flight simulators performing with different aircrafts. The student is taught to manage different real wind situations according to the orography and possible obstacles. This new technique can be applied to different flight simulators (aircrafts, helicopters, and UAVs).

For further information about it, please contact the responsible of the area of Simulation and Software, Alberto Prieto.

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