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January 30th 2013

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We launch a new edition of INFOCATEC, our electronic newsletter, after the end of the financial year 2012 that has strengthened the solid foundations of R&D development in the aerospace industry. CATEC is playing an outstanding part as a boost and as a transfer of technology and knowledge to the aeronautical sector. It can be said that this new year presents rosy prospects for making progress. Some of our initiatives, which must go on helping to place the Spanish aerospace sector in the starting position of the international industry, reflect these prospects.

Firstly, the ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre must be stressed. It is a project led by CATEC that has already obtained a deciding permit (The Environmental Impact Declaration) necessary to start its construction work and that will be fully operative in 2013. This platform, designed for testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and systems (UAS), is an outstanding project for CATEC, and for the international and national aeronautics community. This results from the fact that these are the first scientific-technological facilities in Spain and Europe dedicated exclusively to UAS testing, checking and validation of new monitoring processes, and air traffic control.

Besides ATLAS centre, there are other initiatives and projects included in this number, such as Eurathlon and In Light. They both are investigations at European level in which CATEC is participating, and they will involve innovative technological applications, such as the use of robots and UAS in different open-air rescue measures or the development of smart windows for aircraft that will lower energy consumption.

This work in aerospace R&D is helping Andalusia to become the reference scene for events and conferences in the aerospace industry. This is particularly the case for the first “UAVs and Flight Control Systems Symposium”, which will be organized by the European Association of Aerospace Students (Euroavia) in Seville during the first week of March and which is sponsored by CATEC. We are convinced that these kinds of forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge are the breeding ground that complement R&D work in the aerospace industry and that will help the companies to improve their competitiveness in 2013.

Juan Pedro Vela
Chief Executive Officer

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