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June 15th 2015

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The main purpose of FADA-CATEC, which directs our course and the reason of the creation of our entity, is promoting and developing the creation of knowledge and new technologies and transfer it to the aerospace industrial structure, boosting R&D as a key element in the development of our sector and also contributes to improving the competitiveness of our companies.

In addition, there is another important aspect, the service vocation and the support to small and medium-sized enterprises. This enterprises constitute the hundred percent of aeronautic auxiliary industry in Andalusia and more than 90% in the whole community sector. This percentage also could be extrapolated to the aeronautic and spatial industry in Spain and it shows the good position of this sector, its experience and specialization in different areas, but with companies which need more muscle and size to compete internationally with the advent of new business opportunities.

Also in the case of R&D, because it is necessary a biggest investment in this field, both in public sphere (which it has done significantly in recent years) and private sphere, to situate our aerospace industry in the leading position. For this reason in FADA-CATED we have always been clear in our major aim which is to promote this culture of innovation in business. We offer innovative and pioneering services and technologies, in many cases, for the companies, which otherwise it could be impossible to access. It helps them with the process of continue improvement, betting on knowledge and developing of technology as the bases for it develop and growth.

In this way we will continuous working and moving forwards all the professionals and people who are a member of FADA-CATEC. We are aware of our successes, as the participation of companies in R&D projects and technology pools, but there is some way to go. As was evident in the recent meeting about the programmes CIEN and Innterconecta, organizated by our Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), we should not miss the opportunity and we should continuous promoting the presence of our aeronautic SMEs in projects and R&D initiatives. Only thus we will continue implementing this culture of innovation and technological development in our industry, especially, in auxiliary companies. It can make us an aeronautic international referent in major technological areas with more projection in recent years. Thus, for any initiative or consultation relative to R&D, all the professionals of FADA-CATEC are at the disposal of the companies in the sector.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
FADA Director Manager

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