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Success in the working day about UAS’s uses, air robots for inspection and maintenance of industrial plants

December 31st 2014

Over 100 professionals from different sectors took part in this seminar, organised in Madrid by our Centre as a part of the works for the European Project ARCAS

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Success in the working day about UAS’s uses, air robots for inspection and maintenance of industrial plants
The Spanish engineer Institute (IIE) held last 28th October the Technical Day of “Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) for inspection and maintenance” where new utilities where shown with this kind of technology for its use in different industrial processes such as industrial, energetic, petrochemistry and chemistry.

The seminar organised by FADA-CATEC in the frame of the European Project ARCAS in the 7th frame program. It had the collaboration of the Official School of Aerospace Engineers of Spain (COIAE) and an important group of enterprises which got together more than 100 directors, technicians, professionals, investigation centres and national institutions. The event began with different presentations opened by Anibal Ollero, coordinator of the ARCAS project, and the Heads of Avionic and UAS and Process and Materials of our centre, Antidio Viguria y Fernando Lasagni.

The new technologies developed with UAS for inspections and maintenance duties were discussed, through the combination of surface inspection techniques (visual cameras) and sub-surface (such as the infrared thermography). In addition, the UAS can be equipped with specific tools for maintenance tasks, using robotic manipulators.

The working day also had the participation of experts and enterprises from many different sectors such as Abengoa Research, Endesa and Bester Generation (energetic field), Alter Technology Tüv Nord (aerospace), and Tecnatom (nuclear). They exposed their main needs and demands in maintenance and inspection operations. The activity finished with a round table where all speakers took part. The activity ended with a round table which was attended by all the lecturers and a Question Time in which the audience was able to raise queries and doubts regarding the employment of the technologies RPAS for this type of operation.

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