CATEC Advanced Center for

TRISPACE, the first alliance of three technology centres in Spain and Europe to offer joint services in the space sector

December 30th 2016

CATEC joins CTA and TECNALIA to join their capabilities and offer a more complete technological service for developing new business opportunities for the Space Industry in Europe

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The Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), and the centers CTA (Centro de Tecnologías Aeronáuticas) and TECNALIA Corporación Tecnológica, have created a new alliance called TRISPACE, with the main objective of joining resources and offer a more complete and attractive technological capacity and services aimed the generation and development of new business opportunities for the Space Industry in Europe and internationally, through research.

It’s the first and unique alliance that is promoted in this area in Spain and aims to promote the strengthening and improvement of the coordination of investment capabilities through innovation in materials, manufacturing processes, systems and testing for the space sector. It also aims to stimulate the transfer of space technology to other industrial sectors, and, in short, reinforce the positioning and innovative capability of the Spanish space industry.

The synergistic supply of capabilities of the three entities will allow addressing different technology specialization lines, some of which TRISPACE members have already referenced.

Among these specialization we find the lightening of components and structures for the space sector; the validation of subsystems (testing and certification of components, equipment and systems, etc.); high temperature materials; robotics and tribology; advanced manufacturing processes (additive manufacturing or 3D printing) and non-destructive inspection; imbedded systems; advanced communications and technology transfers.

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