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The ARCAS project has carried out the first aerial manipulations with robotic arms added to different unmanned aircrafts

February 26th 2014

The initiative, which has already completed its second year of work, has also achieved another milestones, as the development of new control methods to coordinate real-time trajectories of these aircraft

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The European project ARCAS, led by CATEC in collaboration with the University of Seville, advances in the development of new tests and technologies of robotics manipulation trough unmanned aerial vehicles that represent a significant milestone for the field of robotics and unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The objective of this initiative, which has already completed its second year of work, is to develop new methods of control and coordination between UAS that integrate robotic arms to cooperative assembly of structures.

After defining the specifications and system architecture, the initiative has already achieved the development of several prototype robotic arms on board UAS, with whom they have managed to make the first aerial manipulations in the world with an arm with multiple degrees of freedom, both indoors and outdoors. They have also developed various prototypes and control methods needed to coordinate real-time trajectories of these aircraft, avoiding collisions with each other and also in environments with unexpected obstacles.

Other work carried out successfully under the ARCAS project has been gripping tests of robotic arms implanted in the UAS with metal bars and its transport and assembly with two simultaneous connectors. The objectives for the second part of the project will mainly focus on the development of an integrated planning of cooperative assembly with air handlers so that they can act and work in simulated industrial environments.

For further information, you can contact with Anibal Ollero, professor at the University of Seville, CATEC’s scientific advisor and coordinator of ARCAS project, in the email

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