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The Center explained in a seminar the main technological trends applied to the monitoring of critical infrastructures with UAS

June 30th 2016

The event, held in Madrid, addressed the possibilities offered by aircraft and unmanned systems for the field of security and brought together representatives of critical facilities such as ADIF, nuclear centers, the Police and Civil Guard

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CATEC participated as a speaker on May 19th at the RPAS conference in Integrated Security Critical Infrastructure, organized by the Strategic Studies Group and held in Madrid, in order to address the potential of aircraft and unmanned systems (UAS/RPAS) in the security field. The event was attended by representatives of critical facilities such as ADIF, Spanish nuclear power plants, the Police and the Civil Guard, and in it the need to implement new legislation in Spain to regulate the use of UAS/RPAS was emphasized, allowing the final takeoff for the industry and use of these systems in uses now prohibited.

During the event, CATEC presented the main technological trends applied to the monitoring of critical infrastructures using UAS. As explained by Antidio Viguria, who is in charge of CATEC Avionics and Systems, UAS will be critical in the future development of technologies associated with the monitoring of critical infrastructures and will allow a substantial increase in the efficiency of security systems, reducing possible threat risk.

Currently, CATEC is the leading national technology center in the development of technologies for small and light RPAS, with a team of over 20 people who have worked on technology development projects with major companies in the sector. In addition, they have participated in more than 25 R&D projects in the last five years related to national and European RPAS/UAS, having even led two projects of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Commission. Also in the last year, CATEC has been selected to be among the top 5 research and technology teams for mini-UAS in Europe under the EUROC project (along with the University of Seville and Airbus D&S) and among the top 10 in the world in the MBZIRC competition (led by University of Seville and GMV).

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