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The European initiative ARCAS, that CATEC leads, celebrates its first year of development with excellent results

June 10th 2013

Between the works performed in the annuity, the European Commission evaluators particularly appreciated the demonstrations with UAV's provided of robotic arms in structures assembly tasks

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The European initiative ARCAS, that CATEC leads, celebrates its first year of development with excellent results
ARCAS, the project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU that CATEC leads in the field of robotics and unmanned aircrafts systems (UAV's), has successfully closed its first year of work fulfilling the assigned tasks in its program. In these first twelve months, the participating entities have worked in various essential aspects for the implementation of the initiative, which focuses on the development and experimental validation of the first aerial robot system equipped with robotic manipulators working cooperatively to develop combined applications such as the maintenance and assembly of structures in inaccessible places or that suppose important risk for people.

Specifically, the initiative has passed the first review of the European Commission in which there were presented the results obtained in this exercise and that were very well received by reviewers. Among the most important results there was the demonstration of the first control algorithms in quadrotors equipped with the first prototypes of robotic arms developed. These robotic arms will be incorporated into other unmanned aircrafts systems that will act in a coordinated way in different applications such as the construction of tubular structures for various applications, like the construction of structures in difficult places and in space. In this first year, we have also made the system specifications as well as new methods of perception, planning and control of the various robotic elements.

The ARCAS project is carried out by a consortium of eight partners from different European countries (Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland) coordinated by CATEC and with the participation of other Spanish institutions such as the University of Seville and the University of Catalonia. ARCAS has a budget of 8.2 million euros, of which 6.2 million are funded by the European Union. The budget for the Spanish participation in the project is about 3.1 million (38% of total), of which 2.5 million are financed by the EU.

For more information visit the project website

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