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The centre has GPS and Galileo emulators for onboard software solutions for vehicles

October 31st 2011

Within its main advantages, this technology enable the development, adaptation and onboard hardware and software solutions quickly, efficiently and flexible. Besides, CATEC has the necessary staff and equipment to develop and adapt customized solutions

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The centre has GPS and Galileo emulators for onboard software solutions for vehicles
The Centre for Advanced Technologies and precisely the Area of Avionics and Unmanned Systems is responsible for developing algorithms and methodologies that enable the intelligent treatment and fusion of data from GPS, magnetometer and radio altimeter to be applied for the aerospace sector.

CATEC has a GSS 800, which allows the emulation at RF level of the constellations GPS (L1 and L2), Galileo (E1, E5ab and Safety of Life) and Glonass (L1). It also includes simGen software that allows modeling many parameters (patterns of the antenna, multipath, etc.) and simINERTIAL that let us simulate barometric and inertial sensors of navigation synchronized with the GNSS. This equipment has the ability to be operated in real time and remotely making possible to be used in HWIL testing equipment for aerospace navigation systems.

The algorithms are mainly based on the extended Kalman filter and can be applied to a large range of sensors, which linearizes about the current mean and covariance and improve GPS precision.

FADA-CATEC offers customized solutions for customers, thanks to its highly skilled professionals and cutting edge equipment to develop, adapt and test onboard hardware and software.

For further information, you can contact with Antidio Viguria.

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