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The future of urban air mobility is already tangible

March 22nd 2021

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The future of urban air mobility is already tangible
The intelligent and sustainable transport of goods and people has been issue under study and research for years. The Advanced Center for Aerospace Technologies, CATEC, has been precisely part of some of those numerous projects that see urban air mobility as a feasible and increasingly tangible solution to current traffic congestion problems.

What were once ambitious and close to science fiction initiatives are now turning into technological developments that advance towards highly autonomous drones integrated into the airspace. It is precisely the CATEC experience in aerial robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles that is being key in two projects that currently focus on advanced aerial mobility. We are talking about AMU-LED and IMOV3D.

The first of these is a European Union H2020 project whose main purpose is to demonstrate the safe integration of different types of drone operations in the sky, and involves 17 companies and institutions from Europe and the United States. AMU-LED will include demonstrations and real flights, some of them at the ATLAS Experimental Flight Center, combining different unmanned aerial systems.

For its part, the IMOV3D consortium, made up of Spanish entities, works on the development of key technologies to increase safety in autonomous air transport (people and goods) and on the development of technologies that allow the integration of a large number of unmanned air vehicles  in the same airspace safely, thanks to smart cooperative systems.

European regulations are also adapting to this change in the transport paradigm and, together with the services offered by U-Space, will facilitate commercial operations with drones in the coming years. Starting in 2025, the air mobility market is expected to grow exponentially. An ever closer future, and of which CATEC is part of.

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