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We reached the middle of the year and it’s time to take stock of the path of the Andalusian aerospace sector, just after the celebration a few weeks ago of the largest business event in the industry in our country, the Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2018. An event that once again made Seville the epicenter of national and international aerospace industry, attended by the main actors of the sector, both the large tractors as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, as the main contractors and national and international Tier 1 , with, whom the attending companies could maintain business contacts and explore ways of collaboration or contracts for the future.

The numbers of this fourth edition of ADM Sevilla showed that it is a fully consolidated event, and that, in part, reflect the good health of the aerospace industry in Spain and Andalusia: more than 1,100 professionals from 350 companies from 28 countries attended the fair. In the country, more than 8,000 business meetings were held among the attendees, and some 70 companies and technological infrastructures were visited. In CATEC we witnessed this, contributing to strengthen the ties of technological development that our community has in some of the areas that are called to lead the future of the sector, such as advanced robotics or Industry 4.0.

Beyond these quantitative figures it also should be noted the announcement by the President of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, on the development and implementation in the short term of the new Strategic Plan for the aerospace sector. It will focus on aspects such as innovation, development, research, talent and the competitiveness and productivity of our industry. This new plan it will allow us to take a new leap and face the great challenges of the sector in a global context, that is always difficult and that can generate uncertainties.

After ADM Sevilla, the Andalusian industry is reinforced and sets course for new markets to continue promoting its internationalization, competitiveness and know-how in the sector. The next stop is the Farnborough fair, where I am convinced that our companies will continue advancing in that goal to position and reaffirm ourselves in the top positions of the global aerospace industry.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Director of CATEC


The general assembly of the European ADDISPACE project was held to analyze the progress of the initiative

The project, belonging to the Interrog Sudoe call, seeks to promote additive manufacturing technologies as a change in the manufacturing paradigm in the aerospace industry and as an opportunity for SMEs in the sector

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The general assembly of the European ADDISPACE project was held to analyze the progress of the initiative
CATEC participated on November 7 in the general assembly of the European project ADDISPACE held in Lisbon (Portugal), to analyze the progress of the initiative. Specifically, the meeting allowed us to share the progress of the 2nd milestone: develop 4 demonstrators by metallic additive technologies for the aerospace sector.
The European project ADDISPACE, belonging to the Interrog Sudoe call , is an initiative that aims to promote the additive manufacturing technologies (3D printing) as a change in the paradigm of manufacturing in the aerospace sector and as an opportunity for SMEs. It also seeks to demonstrate the technological and economic feasibility and high levels of quality of metal components built using this technology.

The project, in which different companies and institutions from Spain, France and Portugal participate (among them the Spanish HELICE cluster, Hegan, and IK4-Lortek, and others such as Airbus), takes 3 years and counts on a budget of 1,7 million euros, of which 1.3 M are funded by the ERDF funds.  

More information on the project at

December 29th 2017
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