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The schedule for the European project EC-SAFEMOBIL successfully accomplishes its goals during its first year of work

July 31st 2012

The initiative, backed by the UE 7 Framework Programme, is coordinated by CATEC and will enable to increase the possibilities of using UAS in many applications including disaster, rescue or safety management

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The schedule for the European project EC-SAFEMOBIL successfully accomplishes its goals during its first year of work
The project EC-SAFEMOBIL, within the 7 Framework Programme of the UE has successfully accomplished its first year of work schedule as expected by the consortium of enterprises and entities led by CATEC. In the course of this period, the different participating partners have been working in a variety of substantial aspects to set up this initiative, which is intended to develop new autonomous systems and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technologies to be used in a wide range of applications such as disaster management, research and rescue missions, safety and other risky missions for people.

During this first year, the project has involved the definition of the requirements and the specifications of the system to be developed and the models and tools to be applied including aspects such as safe and security. At the same time, all the consortium’s management tools have been started and a variety of release and communications actions have been planned and started including the project website. For the second year, which has started already in June, prime technique task are going to be boosted entailing the development of a middleware and a technology integrated simulator as well as continuing the release of technology carried out by this initiative.

EC-SAFEMOBIL is devoted to the development of accurate common motion estimation and control methods and technologies in order to reach levels of reliability and safety to facilitate unmanned vehicle deployment in a broad range of applications such as enabling autonomous systems land on mobile platforms in bad weather conditions or the monitoring of a variety of ground vehicles using multiple UAS with capabilities to avoid collisions. This technology will be also applied to the automation of industrial warehousing, surveillance by means of aerial and ground vehicles and transportation systems.

The project is led by Aníbal Ollero, FADA-CATEC’s scientific director and professor at the University of Seville and entails industrial enterprises and outstanding research organizations. Another eight partners from Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Croatia participate in this initiative, involving a budget of €6.2 millions, of which the EC is backing around 4.5 millions.

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