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February 26th 2014

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Spanish and Andalusian aerospace sector goes through a good way towards the future with the optimism and illusion conveyed by the growth and development that our productive network has experienced in the last years, but also with the prudence and caution given by the fact of knowing that we have to continue improving in subjects as important as R&D, increasing our competitivity through costumers and product diversification, or developing new activity areas or business gaps.

For that, I would like to highlight the steps that our aerospace sector has taken in the sphere of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), one of the most promising and thriving fields in worldwide industry, which presents higher business possibilities, since it sets the future of aviation and aeronautics. To the growing activity being developed by companies, research centres and universities in this area, we must add the commitment made by the industry, public administration and organizations as FADA-CATEC, so our country counts with outstanding facilities, unique in Europe, for flight tests with unmanned technologies and systems.

I am referring to ATLAS Centre in Jaén, promoted by FADA-CATED Foundation, and CEUS project in Huelva, promoted by INTA and IDEA Agency, infrastructures that place us in experimentation and development forefront of these kind of technologies that, beside the impact in aerospace sector growth, allow the generation of new business opportunities with huge companies of worldwide aeronautics industry. Certainly, facilities that must serve as an axis for the development of UAS sector in Andalusia and Spain and take an strategic position in front of other international competitors.

Juan Pedro Vela
General manager

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