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UNVEX ECO-AGRO: the future of drones

November 20th 2017

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Last October 9-11 UNVEX ECO-AGRO, the first national professional congress on unmanned aerial systems (UAS / RPAS), also called UAVs and drones, was held in Andalusia. This was the first event of Spain and Europe fully devoted to the applications of these technologies to two particularly important sectors in our country: environment and agriculture.

UNVEX ECO-AGRO brought together all actors in this field (companies, research organizations, agricultural organizations, governments, regulators, etc.) and focused on the role of prevention and protection of natural resources and precision agriculture represented in Spain, a country with almost 25 million hectares of arable land and 27% of its territory included in Natura 2000 Network. In addition, two sectors that need to get on the train of new technologies to be more efficient and competitive and strengthen their economy and productive fabric.

The objective was to connect users and companies with the central and regional administrations and agricultural organizations, taking into account the contribution of financial experts, consultants and academics to address the challenges and needs of the sector, to present the latest technologies and products in this field, and to hold business meetings among attendees. There is no meeting in Spain as UNVEX ECO AGRO that brings together all the network of actors involved in this sector, from platform manufacturers, software developers, RPAS operators, consulting and insurance companies, universities and research centers, to users end of UAVs and their technologies: farmers associations, public entities managers of protected natural areas and public officials related to agriculture and the environment.

From CATEC we have always bet on unmanned systems and aircraft sector, and it has been one of our main lines of work and research, aware of the future projection of these technologies for its application in multiple sectors. Now more than ever we see this commitment, specially in UNVEX ECO-AGRO, as a bet of the future that is already here, and which constitutes a business and growth opportunity for our industry, our companies and our R&D in sectors that contribute to generate wealth and employment for our society. An opportunity that, without a doubt, we should not let go and that will place Andalusia at the international epicenter of new technologies in the aviation sector and at the forefront of aeronautical innovation in the 21st century. Take advantage of it.

Joaquín Rodríguez Grau
Director of CATEC

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