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July 31st 2012

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Hélice, the Andalusian Aerospace Cluster presented the annual balance sheet within our region few weeks ago, where the positive evolution of our industry in the last few years has been shown one more year, notably within the service enterprises. This report reveals a new high for our aerospace service network in important aspects (sales, employment, productivity) showing that the Andalusian aerospace industry remains in perfect health. But there are an indicative, which CATEC is specially proud of and this is the growth of R&D investment with an increment of 8,2% compared to the year before.

This growth has been possible thanks to the Andalusian service enterprises’ investment effort, which despite the on-going tough economic times, it maintains 2010’s good rate, reaching an average of 8.7 % of sales. This is also due to the intense research activity our Centre is carrying out since its establishment and which is helping to boost its commitment to innovation and knowledge, as key elements to gain competitiveness and added value. Besides, the outlook is very promising thanks to development coming from the new aircraft A350 which involves important and innovative technology.

We are, therefore, on the right way, reaching the goals that we set at CATEC as technological centre supporting and fostering aerospace R&D&I in Andalusia. A fact that is visibly on this bulletin with the achievement of another important milestone: the participation of CATEC in four of the five projects of the ERDF-Innterconecta Programme carrying out in our region within the aerospace sphere.

These initiatives will mean another remarkable investment for the technological development of our aerospace industry, and which is most important, the collaboration among service enterprises and research entities contributing Andalusia to make a qualitative leap towards R&D within the sector.

Juan Pedro Vela

General Director

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