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September 23rd 2011

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This report shows that CATEC is keeping on advancing, gaining territories, little by little, with work and humbly, but always with a lot of excitement. Excitement and dedication, firstly, in R&D&I, which has taken us in the past years to play a leading role in outstanding EC projects, specially in the area of unmanned flights. Good deeds in this field are going to allow us now to coordinate the EC-SAFEMOVIL Project, under the VII Framework Programme, which is a continuation of the AWARE Project, led also by our scientific director, Aníbal Ollero and his research team of the University of Seville. This is a very iconic project for our centre, due to the important topic of research –the cooperation of multiple systems and robots for the application of new technologies in the aeronautic and aerospace sphere- and because it allows also to strength our international visibility in the field of unmanned aircrafts research.

At CATEC we are also growing in equipments and services for the sector in parallel with this growth in projects. Precisely, for the area of unmanned flights we have just incorporated a new mobile unit which is going to facilitate steering and monitoring aircrafts when they are tested and which is going to improve technicians and engineers’ operating capacity. This new equipment has been added to the large technologies package and services that CATEC offers to partners and customers in this field where it has already a fleet of UAVs which are used to test and validate new systems and provide innovative services.

R&D&I Projects, services to companies and, finally, formation. CATEC wants to be –in fact it is already- a site for training and discussing, a meeting point to bring together advances, opportunities and challengers, an exchange of ideas site and connection between technology supply and demand. And from that condition, I am glad to point out a next event where CATEC is going to play an important role: the First Workshop on Research, Development and Education on Unmanned Aerial Systems (RED-UAS 2011) which is going to be hold from the 30th November to the 1st December, organized by our centre in collaboration with the University of Seville and which is going to have the participation of researchers and experts from different countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal and Norway.

It is our responsibility to persevere and insist on this three fields of actuation, vital to improve competitiveness of the Andalusian aeronautical industry and therefore to guarantee and expand its future horizons.

Juan Pedro Vela
Manager Director

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